> dave weston @ your service
as we fast approach a digital age of exploration and design looks more to the computer than the calligrapher. It became apparent that as I endeavour to learn more about multimedia I must also embrace the internet.

> 'information design' on-line
having studied Graphic Information Design I now have the perfect medium to showcase my abilities and also discover new ones. With constant feedback and continuous reassesment of this site I will be able to show how GiD can influence website design. After all, the user is always right.

> revision 2.5
following feedback from users I made the navigation clearer, reduced the amount of content, if you want to see more book an appointment. I also redesigned the look of it to fit in with my new corporate style, logo and portfolio - overall it adds a more consistent style.

Now I will look to creating a new all-Flash based version 3.0.